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Certified pre-owned used car warranties and the California lemon law...

If you purchased your used vehicle from a new car franchised dealer as a "certified pre-owned" used vehicle, then you can enjoy many of the same California lemon law benefits as the new car purchaser! These factory sponsored "CPO" (Certified Pre-Owned) vehicles come with a written warranty backed by the automobile manufacturer. So, even if your vehicle is out of the manufacturer’s original "new vehicle limited warranty", you still have California lemon law protection during the "certified pre-owned" warranty period, just like a person that purchased new! Our experts will be able to fully brief you on your rights under the California lemon law with a "CPO" vehicle, as well as tell you if you have a pursuable case.

Certified pre-owned vehicles are often "wrapped" by the dealer selling the consumer an additional "warranty" (which under the California lemon law is a "service contract", and not a "warranty"). It is vitally important when getting warranty repairs that your dealership Repair Order bear wording something similar to this "customer requests repairs be done under CPO warranty". By doing this the dealer will be directed not to bill the claim against the "extended warranty", which will protect your California lemon law rights by making sure that it is a "repair attempt" under our California lemon law statute.

All repairs must be performed by an authorized dealer for the brand of vehicle you have purchased to have the repairs done under factory warranty (and/or CPO warranty), making them legally applicable "repair attempts" under our California lemon law statute definition.

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